With the new advances in tiling products homeowners have more choices then ever.  The options are nearly endless when it comes to all the tiles you can put down and the different patterns that you can lay in different areas. This guide will give you some ideas on how tiling can be laid to give different effects. We will show as many as possible but it is always good to search for different styles that you may like.  If you can dream it, we can install it.  

Brick Stack
Here is a brick stack lay. Notice it is not perfectly splitting the tiles in half like one would assume. This pattern can be done randomly from row to row as well to give a different look.

Double Deco Band
Here is a travertine bathroom. The tile is laid in square tiles laid straight. The unusual aspect is the two deco bands. One at around 40" the other up at eye-height.

Two wall w/glass walls

In small rooms or even in large rooms having two sides of a shower in glass doors opens up a room. This effect is made more dramatic by the tall ceilings.
Tile to Ceiling
Here is a picture of a soaker tub. Tile is ran all the way up to the ceiling. Moisture rises to the ceiling and it is a great effect to run tile to the ceiling. Tile is set on diagonal above the decorative.

4" X 4"  Steam Shower
This shower has many common features that are used in showers today. The recessed shelves are used to give showers extra spaces. Benches are a nice touch to a shower to add some functionality. This shower also has some pieces that add depth to the shower. The walls are not just flat boring tile.  

Stone Vessel Bowls
Vessel bowls and other fixtures look very elegant in bathrooms. Putting a matching decorative on the backlsplash of a vanity can really tie a room together.  

Straight stack horizontal

Here is a standard bathroom. Notice the straight stack running horizontal. This is a very contemporary effect and is done vertically in a more traditional setting. This pattern will make the room appear wider than it is.

Subway Style
Here is a classical style. It features 2" hexagon on the floor with 3"x6" subway tile on the wall. Subway refers to the offsetting of the tile on the wall with the tile lines spitting the next row. Notice a black boarder around the room and up on the wall. Black works real well with this style. Other colors can be incorporated.

Large Decorative's

This is a wainscot around the room. The decorative is big and bold. This can add so much to a room. Many people stay very conservative but this style can be the difference between a nice bathroom and an extraordinary bathroom.